Monday, November 4, 2019

The CNN Spin on DC versus Heller

From time to time, I like to highlight what "the other side" is saying about the Second Amendment and gun ownership rights.  And this CNN video is about as "other side" as it gets when it comes to gun rights and the attitudes expressed by those who are ignorant about the reason for gun rights or just hate guns that much.

Although this video is from almost 7 years ago, it highlights what gun owners are up against when it comes to the interpretation of the right to keep and bear arms.  Leave it to CNN to inject their own interpretation into the wording and interpretation of the 2008 Supreme Court DC versus Heller ruling and even the wording of the Second Amendment itself.  It always seems that those who don't understand the Second Amendment or who have a blatant agenda to severely limit or even do away with gun ownership in this country, twist words and meaning to suit that agenda.

This Writer's Opinion: The Founding Fathers made it clear in their language when they wrote the Second Amendment that the citizenry had an absolutely individual right (and responsibility) to keep and bear arms.  The "militia" clause simply meant that all able-bodied citizens make up the militia, and "well regulated" simply means that these same citizens should be well trained in the use of firearms.  And according to several constitutional and second amendment scholars and lawyers, the founders agreed to this very opinion.  The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, as many today will often claim.  The Second Amendment is all about an individual right to self-defense, whether that defense is from a criminal or a tyrannical government entity.

The same opinions expressed by CNN in this video are still being expressed today.  It is important for all of us to be sure that we are aware of what is being said by both sides of the argument, and then being able to articulate facts and truth.  Stay active in Second Amendment issues.  Attend rallies, gun rights events, city council meetings, and town hall events with your representatives.  Don't be afraid to question them on their stances and express your opinions.  But most important of all, VOTE!  Supporting and electing good Second Amendment friendly candidates is crucial to our ability to maintain our rights and our heritage.

And in Other News...

SCOTUS Contemplating Case Regarding Unconstitutional Bans...:

I always get excitedly optimistic but at the same time a little worried when the Supreme Court decides to take up a gun rights case.  Given the current makeup of the Supreme Court, I lean more on the optimistic side in hopes that SCOTUS will again maintain the opinion that not only is the Second Amendment an individual right but also rule that it is a right that protects firearms and firearm accessories in common use, as the framers intended.  But these rulings can go either way, which will influence the way that states and municipalities make or modify their laws.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that SCOTUS rules correctly on this matter.

You can find out more information about the Worman versus Healey case that is discussed in this video.  Click on the various "Main Document" links there to read the Amicus (friend of the court) briefs filed by the various organizations for this case.  You can also stay up on Second Amendment news and get some great gear reviews by subscribing to The Guns and Gadgets Channel.


Trigger Finger Isolation Drill:

This week's drill is another good one from The Tactical Rifleman Channel.  Trigger finger placement has a huge influence on where the shots land.  Too far across the trigger, or too shallow, and your trigger finger could possibly throw your point-of-aim/point-of-impact relationship off and your shots will not go where they were intended.  As they show in the video, this drill is done very close to the target into a 1-inch by 1-inch square.  As you can see in the video, a slight error at this distance will be greatly magnified at farther distances.

This drill can be done in a dry fire environment using the LASR App software, but then should be done in the range under live fire to get a feel for actual recoil and trigger press from the pistol that you are carrying with or shooting in competition.  My competition pistol and my daily carry pistol are two different guns, so I practice this drill with both. Practice putting your trigger finger at different positions to find the best spot.  Once you have found the ideal trigger finger placement, practice over and over until you build up good muscle memory.

The link for the target used in this drill is here:  This target can be programmed into the LASR App software as well so that you can see how the various trigger finger placements affect the actual point of impact on the target.  Then when you think you have found your proper trigger finger placement, go to the range and practice under live fire to confirm.

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