Saturday, November 30, 2019

More Colorado Gun Legislation Coming in 2020

The 2020 Colorado legislative session is right around the corner, and it appears that Colorado legislators are wasting no time thinking of new laws to introduce.  The unconstitutional abomination that is known as the "Colorado Red Flag Law" takes effect at the beginning of 2020, and they can't wait to introduce yet more gun control legislation.

Specifically, state representative Tom Sullivan feels emboldened by the passing of the Colorado Red Flag Law in 2019 and has his eyes set on passing more gun control bills, year, after year, after year.  The types of laws on which Sullivan has his eye this year are gun storage laws and a "lost and stolen" bill to make it a crime for a gun owner not to report lost or stolen firearms.  Although the Denver Post indicates that the 2020 gun control framework is not clear yet, it is a good bet that the legislators are eager and anxious to charge full steam ahead to do "something" to show that they are saving the public from themselves.

From the article:

“It should be something that we discuss on a regular basis,” said Sullivan, a Democrat from Aurora who championed the red flag bill, and whose son was murdered in the 2012 movie theater massacre. “You should see one or two of these types of bills being brought forward, year after year after year, so that collectively, after five or six bills, we’ve tightened things up.”

Article Link:

Addendum 12/2/19:  This NRA-ILA article illustrates why "one size fits all" firearms storage laws that many states enact are dangerous to firearms owners who prefer to have a ready firearm for use in self-defense.  These laws punish law-abiding firearms owners, but do not punish the criminals who perpetrate the crime of stealing weapons or hurting/killing others.

This Writer's Opinion: Here we go again! The Californiaization of Colorado is well underway with no indication of slowing down.  They've done it with our energy production industry, and they are doing it with more gun control.  The California gun control laws have become so Draconian and abusive that owning a gun in California is nearly impossible.  And it all started with what Colorado is doing now.  Gun law after gun law in the name of "common sense" is attacking us with "death by 1,000 papercuts."  One little bill after one little bill.  "But these are common sense..." they say.  "But law-abiding gun owners are not affected..." they say.  Right out of the California gun control playbook.

When Sullivan says:

“You should see one or two of these types of bills being brought forward, year after year after year, so that collectively, after five or six bills, we’ve tightened things up.”

Click now to get PREPARED!I can tell you that he and his legislative cronies have no intention of stopping at "five or six bills"  They see what California is doing and are salivating at the thought of ramming through more gun control so that we can be "just like California."

When the Colorado legislators:

"...insists that safe, responsible gun owners have nothing to fear."

That is true - if you are a gun owner who has only one shotgun for bird hunting and have no intention of keeping a ready (loaded) firearm to use for home defense, then you probably won't care.  But need I warn you that states like New York who have already enacted this type of legislation have made it illegal to keep any gun stored in a ready (loaded) condition, and often mandate that guns be completely disassembled while in storage.  And you can only store them in containers deemed satisfactory by the lawmakers.

Colorado has taken a hard left turn, and I'm afraid there is no stopping it.  Democrats far outnumber Republicans in this state, with the only hope of winning back the legislator and the Governor's Mansion is by reaching out to the independents to make our case on the issues to help turn this around.  Many Californians have moved here because California became too oppressive and expensive to live.  The problem is that these people learned nothing of what created their problems in California, and are voting for implementing the same types of laws here.  Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Need I say more?

And in Other News...

"Paramilitary Training" Illegal:

So if this bill passes, if you train with any type of firearm for any reason in Virginia, you would be considered a criminal?  Wait a minute!  The gun control crowd keeps lecturing us on getting trained so that we are "responsible" gun owners.  They don't want "militias" running around in the woods training to overthrow the government.  I get it.  But when they start declaring any type of training for self-defense as "militia" style training, then we will have people becoming unwitting criminals, landing in jail, and losing their gun rights forever.  This is a scary one, folks because people who know little to nothing about firearms or firearms training are dictating to us not only what firearms we are allowed to own, but what types of training we are allowed to do.

So if I live in a state that enacts this type of law, I take my students out and we perform training that involves "shooting on the move" since self-defense is not like shooting at stationary paper targets, we could go to jail under a law like this.  All it would take is for our otherwise law-abiding training activities to be witnessed by a frightened person with no actual knowledge of what self-defense training entails and their own little unchangeable paradigm of what should be considered illegal training under a bill like this, and you would have law enforcement being called out on a "criminal act."  Then good and honest people would have to lawyer up to defend themselves in court.

Gun control Strategy: Mandate training in order to possess firearms, then outlaw any type of training.  

Under a law like this, any type of firearms training could conceivably end up being outlawed.  For that matter, I'm not sure they won't eventually start targetting USPSA and IDPA matches under a law like this.  People gathering in a group of one or more to participate in the dynamic shooting techniques in different simulated threat scenarios.  Nope - you're training to be a militia to take over our government!

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Reid's Top Three Rifle Drills:

This week's drill is another good one from Reid Henrichs at Valor Ridge.  I personally have a 9mm PCC carbine rifle set up as a home defense weapon, and this video demonstrates good practice techniques for presenting the weapon and acquiring the target quickly, and also includes mention of how this is applicable to using a rifle as a home defense weapon.  Muscle memory is the key to proficiency, and this video illustrates the proper form in order to build up that muscle memory.

This drill can be easily set up and practiced using the LASR App training system, and an AR platform rifle with a SIRT bolt installed but then should be done at the range under live fire to practice with recoil and actual live-fire conditions..  Go to my LASR App page and use my discount code to receive a discount on the LASR App training gear, including the LASR App software and the SIRT rifle bolt.

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Trading Freedom for Safety

As we recently observed Veterans Day in honor of those who served, the festivities often would have included various patriotic activities, one of which is rendering a 21-gun salute.  But as this article from NRA-ILA entitled "Trading Freedom for Safety" points out, the very activity of rendering a 21-gun salute on Veterans Day had to be discontinued by the University of Virginia because of the disruption to classes and the "triggering" of students that this activity would cause.  As stated in this article:

"The same kind of overriding need to shield the sensitivities of young adults from discomfort and fear, however occasioned or poorly justified, was behind a decision to abandon an established Veterans Day observance at another institution of higher learning. University of Virginia President Jim Ryan announced that the traditional 21-gun salute used to honor veterans would be discontinued this year due to the “disruption to classes” and “concerns related to firing weapons on the Grounds in light of gun violence that has happened across our nation.”"

The article itself is a short but interesting read and has links to other articles that further explain the issue.  This excerpt from the article pretty accurately sums up the gist of the issue:

"The philosophy underlying these incidents is troubling on many levels. It suggests that it is acceptable (and necessary, even) to distort honest, accurate, fair and truthful journalism to insulate others from exposure to possibly disagreeable material. It implies that America’s youth are less able than ever before to cope with emotional discomfort or distress absent a “safe space.” It relegates honoring patriotism and our nation’s veterans to something between an inconvenient, noisy “disruption” and a potentially harmful “triggering” occurrence. Perhaps worst of all, it legitimizes the notion of an entitlement to a lifetime of freedom from fear, rather than a belief in the value of freedom itself. "

This Writer's Opinion: I am sick and tired of hearing about how everything "triggers" people today.  It's bad enough that the youngsters on our college campuses are being indoctrinated into the "America is bad!" mantra.  But they are also being taught to hate and fear the very things around which our American heritage was built, as well as hatred toward law-abiding people who just want to enjoy their liberty.  Firearms are part of our heritage, but our society is being taught that even the sound of them ALWAYS means that something tragic is happening.

Doing away with a 21-gun salute on campus because the sound of guns shooting a salute "frightens" and "triggers" people?  There are a number of the things that the school could have done besides banning the 21-gun salute.  Maybe announcing that the event would take place ahead of time and that the sound of gunshots at this time would most likely NOT be an active shooter situation.  Or how about taking a few minutes during class to explain why the 21-gun salute is rendered and what it means to honor the veterans who protect their freedoms.

The senseless tragedies on our campuses have gone a long way toward making people feel unsafe.  I get it.  But people are being taught to be afraid of and hate the wrong things.  People need to realize that the world is now a very dangerous place and our right to have access to the tools of self-defense is now as important as it ever has been.  And these are just tools.  Instead of hating tools, maybe we should be going after a solution to the evil that exists in our world.  Turning our hearts to God is one way.  Speaking up to our legislators and judges to admonish them to enforce the laws already on the books and deliver justice to the criminals instead of punishing the innocent is another.

I can only offer this video as an example of what is going on in America now and where we are going if we don't pay attention.  I'll let the "comrades" explain it to you themselves...

Benjamin Franklin summed it up perfectly when he said:

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

And in Other News...

Banning Everything:

Another recent tragedy.  And once again, the usual actors are charging ahead with the call to ban - everything.  More lectures on what types of firearms can and cannot be possessed by normal, law-abiding citizens.  Criminals and evil people won't obey these bans.  The same people who are surrounded by armed bodyguards are telling us what we can and cannot do to protect ourselves.  Followed by lectures about firearms by people who know nothing or at least very little about them.  In my opinion, as well as the opinion of very noted constitutional scholars, the Second Amendment was all about guaranteeing the right to self-defense granted to us by the Creator.  And the tools used to protect that right are not specific only to certain kinds of firearms or their appearances.  Possession of firearms in common use was the intent of our founding fathers.  But many of our firearms in common use are the targets of the bans and severe restrictions we are seeing coming out of these same people - who, again, are surrounded by armed protection and who possess these common use tools also.

William makes a good point in this video: we all need to make sure to speak up for our rights, get active in state and local elections.  Go to a City Council meeting.  Write letters.  Voice your opinion and let these people know that we want our rights protected.  Protecting our rights is the government's job, not deciding which rights we can have or not.

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Your Car is Your Limo:

Another great "Sunday Sentinel Sermon" from Pat Mac.  Awareness is key, especially while driving.  Maintaining a ready vehicle is of utmost importance.  I personally practice these habits, especially keeping the car with no less than 3/4 of a tank full, having supplies in my vehicle, and keeping my CERT gear with me in case I roll up on an accident or other emergencies.  We are in charge of our own safety, but we have a responsibility to our fellow citizens to render assistance when needed.  That can be anything from helping someone jump-start their car, to airing up or changing a flat tire for them.

I will add one thing:  Exiting your vehicle as Pat illustrates in the video is something that should be practiced!  Undoing the seatbelt and exiting in this manner requires muscle memory.  Even a step further, if you roll into a dangerous situation and your only choice is to exit the vehicle armed, that requires even further in-depth practice and training.  Take a formal course in advanced gunfighting that teaches this, and then practice using your dry-fire system at home.  This can be easily set up and programmed into the LASR App software as well.

Visit Pat Mac's channel for all of his excellent "Sunday Sentinel" and "Basic Dude Stuff" videos.

And "make it habitual!"

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