Saturday, January 4, 2020

Virginia Update

Happy New Year!  Apologies for the gaps between articles.  Reorganizing at work, and the holidays have really caused time to slip away.  I just wanted to get a quick post out there to get everyone up to speed on what is going on in Virginia and elsewhere.  News Flash: This is an election year.  New gun-control laws also came into effect on January 1, 2020, here in Colorado and in many other states. I implore you to be sure to get active in your local and national gun-rights efforts, and also in your local caucuses and candidate campaigns this election season.  Let's get some good people elected to get this outrageous and egregious infringement of our self-defense rights stopped.

Several good videos and articles came out recently, so rather than listening to me rant, I'll just post them and let you take a look.  The key thing here is that this is an election year and it's time to get involved to turn as much of this around as possible.

Some Noteworthy Articles:

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For those of you living in Colorado, here is a new resource for the Red Flag law that just went into effect here:

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Virginia - Ground Zero?

The rush to pre-file gun laws in Virginia continues to top the news this week, as the newly elected Democrat majority has their sights on massive and sweeping gun control efforts.  Laws related to outlawing private transfers, laws requiring storage, and laws banning nearly every type of semi-automatic firearms are making the list of those being pre-filed by the Democrats to have to wait for them when the new legislative season starts.  And even though these people are aware that these laws will be aggressively challenged by gun rights groups everywhere,  they are still engaging in a full-court press to present them and enact as much as they can possibly get away with. 

The concern here is not only that this is an aggressive attempt to infringe on Constitutionally protected rights, but that it is being done so by people who know no more about actual firearm composition and design than they do about sending astronauts to Mars.  As usual, they look at features on a firearm, deem them "scary" or that they make the gun more "shootier" and then ban everything they can.  Instead of looking at the facts that clearly show that law-abiding citizens do not commit these terrible acts and that if an evil heart is truly set on killing others, they will find a way to do so, or they will get the banned items regardless of all the laws in place.

There have also been a number of myths and speculations that come out about the issues and responses in Virginia, many of which are discussed in this next video.  But if you want to cut to the chase and hear about some specific bill numbers and a summary of the language, you can skip to about the 8:00 minute mark to hear about some of what is being pre-filed.

This Writer's Opinion: Could this be a test? Michael Bloomberg is running for President, and he is the one who also dumped millions of dollars into Virginia to get Democrats elected.  I have a sense that Bloomberg is the one pulling the puppet strings here and getting his newly elected minions to test the waters to see what they can try to ram forward with new gun control legislation.  This is also a test, in my humble opinion, to measure the reaction of the people in Virginia in terms of how much resistance they are willing to project into this situation.  Sheriffs are already talking of enabling and supporting the formation of militias to help prepare, and the majority of the counties in Virginia have already declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties.  The citizens are angry to the point of talking about actually taking forceful action to defend themselves from this tyrannical infringement of the right to keep and bear arms.  The Governor, on the other hand, is threatening with withholding funding from these counties and even countering with National Guard activation.

I think that both Virginia and Colorado will be test-beds to watch in the 2020 legislative seasons in both states.  Virginia has an emboldened Governor and newly elected Democrat-majority legislature.  Colorado has a newly elected radical Governor, a Democrat-majority legislature, and is the home to Shannon Watts and her Bloomberg funded "Moms Demand Action" group that is trying to ram through gun control actions at a break-neck speed.  Watts and Bloomberg have figured out that targetting local and state governments are where they will get the most bang for the buck.  2020 will be a year to watch, for sure.


One-Man Room Clearing:

A lot of good takeaways from this.  You may have to clear the rooms to get to your loved ones in other areas of the house in the case of a home invasion.  If you are out shopping, you may be the only armed Sheepdog and will have to clear your way through a large area with many obstacles (shelves and other structures) to get to a position to stop the threat and get others to safety.  This video covers many of the important aspects of "shoot-move-communicate" as well as showing some good techniques for "pieing the corners" in order to effectively move without exposing more of yourself than necessary when clearing rooms.  Always assume that there is a bad guy in the next room until you verify that there isn't.

Practice in your home.  You can use dry-fire techniques to move throughout your home to get familiar with various scenarios that you may have to attack and also practice various techniques for pieing those corners in your own home.  Where are the blind spots?  Where are the areas that you have to consider over-penetration issues?  How do you engage threats without injuring loved ones?

Next time you go shopping, wargame some scenarios and think about where the exits are located, what obstacles you might have to navigate around to get to safety and/or engage the threat.  Where are the nearest cover and safe areas where you can move others to?  How many of those store shelving units do you have to navigate around to get to store entryways where a threat is likely to occur in order to engage the threat?

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