Saturday, August 24, 2019

Second Amendment News and Training Resources

With all of the news about gun legislation, gun control efforts, and other threats to our Second Amendment liberties, I wanted to take a moment to post about some excellent resources for getting up to date news about new laws, gun control efforts, and even some good gear reviews.  There are also some good training channels out there as well.  In fact, the reason I am featuring some of my favorite channels below is that they have a good mixture of news, training, and gear reviews.  Training and staying sharp is important these days, especially if you are trying to maintain your emergency preparedness and self-defense posture.  I highly recommend visiting the channels for these folks, like their videos, and subscribing to their channels.  The YouTube algorithms are such that liking and subscribing really helps these channels to stay visible and get traffic.  Below are the links to their channels, as well as some recent videos to help get a sense of their video style.

Please also visit some of my affiliate links on this page and in this blog as well.  These are good, patriotic vendors, and I would like to help them earn your business.

Guns & Gadgets:

The Daily Shooter:

Reid Henricks (Valor Ridge):

Alex Kinkaid (Three F Words):

Pat McNamara: