Saturday, January 4, 2020

Virginia Update

Happy New Year!  Apologies for the gaps between articles.  Reorganizing at work, and the holidays have really caused time to slip away.  I just wanted to get a quick post out there to get everyone up to speed on what is going on in Virginia and elsewhere.  News Flash: This is an election year.  New gun-control laws also came into effect on January 1, 2020, here in Colorado and in many other states. I implore you to be sure to get active in your local and national gun-rights efforts, and also in your local caucuses and candidate campaigns this election season.  Let's get some good people elected to get this outrageous and egregious infringement of our self-defense rights stopped.

Several good videos and articles came out recently, so rather than listening to me rant, I'll just post them and let you take a look.  The key thing here is that this is an election year and it's time to get involved to turn as much of this around as possible.

Some Noteworthy Articles:

Virginia: First Weeks of January are Critical - 

Defend Freedom – Join Us January 13th - 

Pennsylvania AG Targets Partially-Manufactured Receivers, Gun Owners - 

Virginia Gov. Northam Wants to Ban Your Guns AND Make You Pay for It! - 

For those of you living in Colorado, here is a new resource for the Red Flag law that just went into effect here: