Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Second Amendment News - August 7, 2019

More news from the Second Amendment infringement world.  The big news this week since the shootings over the last few weekends is the rush to pass Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), otherwise known as Red Flag bills.  Look - I believe in taking guns out of the hands of mentally ill people.  But these bills are just downright dangerous.  They completely take away due process.

Also in the works - banning certain types of firearms.  Rifles, such as the AR-15, that are in common use, are "scary" and must, therefore, be banned.  Now the people that want to ban them have no clue how they actually function, or that they are only military "look-alikes" rifles.  But they want to ban them.

Stay tuned as this is all very fluid right now, and there is likely to be a lot of breaking news in the coming weeks.

Some good training vids I stumbled upon.  I can never stress enough the need to practice transitions and malfunction drills.  Training is going to be especially important as we are in a time where the need to stay armed is more important now than ever.  Antifa group attacks on innocent people, mass shootings in shopping areas, all serve to make us all want to be more aware of our surroundings and have the ability to defend ourselves.

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