Saturday, May 4, 2019

LASR App Plugin Demo - Shooter Watch

This is a demo of a new software plugin that I just installed called the "Shooter Watch" plugin for the LASR App software that I use for dry-fire training.  

This plugin allows you to use two cameras with the LASR App software - one camera to video shot placement on the targets and one camera to video the shooter during the drill.  The resulting video shows the targets with shot placement, the shooter, and the timesheet used for scoring the drill.  

One thing that is a little strange on this video is that the shots to the head appear to occur before the shots to the body.  Not sure what happened there.  I was shooting a basic Mozambique Drill - two to the body, one to the head.  The first few cycles were to the center target, then I expanded out to the other two as I warmed up.

When training for technique, it is often to get a second set of eyes on you to point out errors and what can be improved.  Unfortunately, you won't always have a training partner available to watch you train.  This plugin allows you to "coach yourself" as you evaluate your techniques while you are shooting the drill.  You can also export your videos if you want to post them on YouTube or another media location to use them as demos for students, friends, and family whom you wish to provide training.

About the glasses - I'm not wearing dark glasses indoors to look cool!  Practicing with my shooting glasses is also part of my training.  I shoot in matches and competitions using "Top Focal" shooting glasses by SSP Eyewear.  Since I wear bifocals, the top focal glasses place the bifocal on top, which gives me a perfect focus on my front sight since my head is more forward when I shoot and allows for better aim.  And since my regular glasses have the bifocal at the bottom of the lens, I have to practice with my shooting glasses to train myself to look for my sights through the TOP of the lens instead of the bottom.

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