Thursday, August 29, 2013

Second American Revolution

I hear a lot of talk and see postings of much rhetoric from patriot groups and others about the fact that we need another “American Revolution.”  Specifically, people are referring to the need to have a “Second American Revolution” to restore our country to her founding principles.  But there’s just something about that word “revolution” that doesn’t seem to fit our current situation, in my opinion.  Maybe it would help if we first explore what a revolution is really all about, whether or not we have even had the FIRST American Revolution yet, and whether or not we need a revolution to correct our current situation.

The definition of a revolution, in the context of this discussion, is to overthrow or put off what already exists.  If a people are not happy with the government in the country where they live, they have a revolution to change it, by force if necessary.  A revolution would be overthrowing a king, for example, to institute a more democratic government.  Or in the case of some countries, unseat one dictator, and put in yet another dictator.

So have we really had a revolution yet?  Has, at any time in our country’s history, a group of people said that they didn’t like the government HERE, and threw it off to install another governmental system?  Seems to me that from the very beginning, we have put something in place, and it was others who kept trying to change it.
If you go back in history, to the early settling of this country (early 1600’s - the “Pilgrim” days), they signed a document known as the “Mayflower Compact” in which they stated the desire to govern themselves, and put “Governors” (not kings) in place to run the various settlements.  In fact, one of my very ancestors (Stephen Hopkins) was one of the signers of that document. They still considered themselves subjects of the King of England (British citizens, in other words), but wanted to pledge their obedience and allegiance to their own system of laws and governance on another piece of land (America).  

Fast forward to what is considered the founding of our country in the late 1700’s.  British soldiers were sent over to keep an eye on things, and took over the job of policing the colonies.  Those colonists really had no desire to overthrow the King of England, unseat him from power, or even change one iota the way England was governed.  In fact they too considered themselves to be British citizens for the most part.  They were on a completely different piece of land from that which was ruled by the King, however, and simply wanted to govern themselves, develop their own constitution and laws, and enjoy freedom from the tyrannical rule that was dictating to them from across the sea.  They wanted independence from the crown, and they wanted to send the King’s soldiers packing back to England where they belonged so that they, themselves, could run their own affairs.
That is why, on July 4th, we celebrate “Independence Day” and not “Revolution Day.”   Truth be told, technically, what started on April 19, 1775 should not be called the “American Revolutionary War” as many refer to it, but rather more correctly just stated as the “American War for Independence.”

So having said all that, let’s go back to the idea of what a revolution is all about:  Shaking off a government that we don’t like.  I submit to you that we are already in the midst of a revolution. It’s just that this revolution has been perpetrated against us by those who don’t like the ideals upon which this country was founded.  They don’t like freedom and liberty, and instead want a different governmental system and socialist rule.  They don’t like our Constitutional Republic governmental system. They want a “Utopian Panacea.”  And they have very little use for individual responsibility, individual excellence, freedom, liberty, property rights, and all the things that make America great.  The lazy and weak minded are being used as tools by the power mongers and political elite to wage a revolution against the American dream.  WE the patriots like and want to keep our original governmental system.  So why would we want to have a revolution to throw it off?

This revolution started about 100 years ago with the progressive movement, and has been silently growing in momentum through apathy, social engineering, and even allowing foreign entities on our soil to dictate how THEY think we should live.  We just haven’t called these infiltrations and slow changes to our system of governance a “revolution.”  But maybe we should.  We refer to them instead as progressives, statists, political elitists, Agenda 21, Common Core Education, labor unions, The United Nations, and a whole host of other seemingly “feel good” efforts.  All these things “sound” good, right?  They must be good for us.
So what is our role as the self-proclaimed “patriots” of America?  Our job is to restore our American ideals and our Constitutional Republic.  We are to keep the oaths that our military people take, and that I think all American citizens should take:  “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”   

We don’t want to throw off our government.  We want to repel and put down the invasion of socialist ideals and liberty stifling tyrants who seem to have infiltrated what was once a great system of governance.  We want to RESTORE our government to what it was meant to be.