Friday, June 29, 2012

The Big Bully and the Little Cat

There once was a cat.  He was a cute little cat, and he loved to play outside.  He enjoyed the sunshine, and loved to wander and marvel at his surroundings.  He liked to hunt bugs and mice, and made a pretty comfortable living for himself.  In general, this little cat was happy just minding his own business and being free to come and go as he pleased.

There once was a boy.  He was not a very well-adjusted boy, as it turns out.  Deep down he loved to cause trouble and get into mischief.  He also didn’t like to mind his own business, and would frequently tell other kids what toys they could and could not play with.  But this little boy was a real smooth talker and could convince the other kids at school to give him their lunch money.  He could very effectively use sweet talk and convincing lines to pretty much get his way, and even without using threats.  Every now and then, however, the big bully inside the little boy would come out, and the other kids began to fear him and would immediately give up their lunch money whenever he approached them. 

One bright sunny day, the boy was walking down the street and happened upon the little cat.  The boy enticed the little cat with sweet talk and free cookies, so the curious little cat came over to the boy.  The boy picked up the little cat, spoke kind and convincing words, fed him small bits of the free cookies, and gently stroked his fur.  But when the cat was firmly in his grasp and purring, the bully inside the little boy once again came out, and he began to treat the little cat more roughly and stopped giving him the free cookies.

The little cat grew more and more uncomfortable with being held so tightly, and he began to be afraid when the boy started talking in a mean tone and pulling at his fur.  The cat was also more than just a little annoyed that the little boy would no longer give him any free cookies. The little cat wriggled and squirmed, trying to get free, but could not.  This went on for a while, the little cat was growing more and more impatient with the boy, and the little cat began to get angry.  

When the little cat had finally had enough, he opened his mouth to reveal long, sharp teeth, and opened his paws to reveal his razor sharp claws.  The demure, little cat became an enraged, fierce, vicious animal.  He bit the bully on the face with his sharp teeth, and deeply scratched him with his sharp claws.  Even though he was much bigger and stronger than the cat, the boy became very afraid of the fierce and agile little cat.  And by now, the bully was starting to bleed profusely and he began to cry.    About that time, one of the kids from school happened to be walking by.  She was very excited, as she was on her way to a tea party at her friend’s house.  Even though she saw the little boy writhing on the ground in pain and bleeding out, she refused to call 911 because she figured the bully got what he deserved.

Although he was much smaller than the big bully, the little cat finally gained his freedom.  He then swiftly ran away to once again mind his own business and marvel at his surroundings, and was free to come and go as he pleased.  He then realized that he didn’t really miss the free cookies, because he found that if he hunted bugs and mice, he could find delicious food and make a very comfortable living on his own.  And so, the little cat lived happily ever after.  The boy, however, was scarred for life.

Moral: It isn’t wise to assume that just because you are larger and stronger, you can bully and control a small cat.  Even small cats have sharp claws and very sharp teeth, and can become fierce and vicious animals when provoked and angered.